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    Rotary activation furnace (carbonization furnace)

    Release time:2019-11-27 Browse times:1423
    1. The rotary carbonization furnace has the advantages of high automation and can realize continuous operation.
    2. The flue gas recovery, incineration and dedusting devices ensure that the flue gas is discharged up to the standard.
    3. Coil cooling and water cooling winch ensure the rapid cooling of materials, and compared with similar equipment, they have the advantages of occupying less ground and saving space.
    4. The whole set of equipment adopts bucket elevator to save time and labor.
    5. The material is broken by knife crusher and counter roller crusher, and the desander is added to desander the material to effectively improve the product yield and reduce the ash content of the finished product.
    6. The screening system adopts linear vibrating screen for screening, which has the characteristics of high output, uniform and thorough separation of finished products.
    7. The dedusting system is equipped with pulse deduster and centrifugal deduster to improve the working environment.
    8. The packaging system adopts brake weighing packaging, saving time, labor and precision.
    The working process of rotary activation furnace is as follows:
    The materials enter the rotary furnace from the furnace end, and then discharge continuously from the discharging device at the furnace end. At the same time, the activated gas mixture (water steam and flue gas) enters the rotary furnace from the furnace end, and finally is discharged into the flue gas through the incinerator at the furnace end. In the whole process, the material and the activated gas mixture flow in reverse contact and activate. Rotary activation furnace is a kind of activation equipment which is widely used by small and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad. Its advantages are small investment, short construction period, high degree of mechanization, low labor intensity, fast change of raw materials and adjustment of process, convenient start-up and shutdown.
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